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Boise: What’s Hot on TV

July 19, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s hotter than ever in Boise this Summer! The last place you want to be is on your roof fiddling with a dish, or crawling through spider infested crawl spaces to run wires. As you know we are your local Idaho provider for the best HDTV Conversion in Idaho, but did you know we also offer all kinds of other wiring services as well? It’s TRUE!

Whether you need your new flat screen TV mounted without damaging your drywall, want help designing the perfect state-of-the-art home theater, or need video/audio wiring for your office we can help!! Visit our main website to find out more about all of our services and don’t hesitate to give us a call for immediate service at 208-887-2288 !

In the meantime here are some recent articles we’ve shared on our Facebook Fan Page. If you’re not a fan go to our page and LIKE it for the latest news on what’s happening in the world of wiring and TV!

Your HDTV already has a retina display!? What it is and what it means:

Will Aretha be the next Idol judge?

Viacom Customers in an Up-Roar Over Lost Channels


Super Bowl Commercial 2012: Bigger Better Funnier

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Everything is more awesome in 2012, and the Super Bowl commercial sets that millions have come to love are no different. Some avid fans say that they now look forward to the advertisements almost as much as the game; it’s not because they don’t know what will happen next — more and more it’s because they know what will. This years Super Bowl commercials will be a little more different as they display a trend of revisiting themes and characters from previous years successful campaigns.

idaho hdtvVW for instance has already released some previews of their upcoming commercial The Barkside , a hilarious spoof of the insanely popular Star Wars theme. Companies this year are sparing no expense as they’ve seen the marketing power of these type of ads spanning long after the Super Bowl itself through social media.

“Social media, the ability to tweet and Facebook, lets a commercial stay on so long after the Super Bowl, so advertisers are more willing to spend a phenomenal amount of bucks, because they live so much longer,” says Barbara Lippert, former Adweek ad critic and now curator of popular culture at ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “People are reading about them and looking at them up to a month later.”

The Question Is:
Will You Be Watching the BIG GAME in High Definition this year?

If the answer is no, or I don’t know, or you’re not sure we can help! Or maybe you’re already converted to HDTV but need to get that Man Cave ready for the game? We can help you get that flat screen mounted or run audio, video, or install extra outlets.

You Need it Wired – You Need Wireguys!

Call 208-887-2288 or Visit Wireguys online today!

HDTV for Idaho and More!

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Wireguys is your #1 Idaho HDTV  installation service provider, and we also specialize in home movie theater installation. Wireguys is one of the Treasure Valley’s most qualified home theater installers with years of experience in video and audio installation and troubleshooting. We offer a wide range of installation and consultation services including TV mounting, speaker installation, system integration, pre-wire for new homes, custom design solutions, and in-home consultation.

Quality is our Speciality!
Sound plays a huge role in the quality of any home entertainment system experience. Wireguys knows home entertainment; is capable of providing specific speaker layout designs for your settings that can maximize the sound effect in different home environment.

So Much More than HDTV!
Wireguys does SO much more than just HDTV installation and conversion! We also wire businesses for audio/video, can help you get extra outlets in your home, and are your all around wiring experts! Call us today to start living the high definition lifestyle!!

Boise HDTV: Over 20 Channels Free!

May 17, 2011 Leave a comment
Wireguys is your source for HDTV installation and conversion in the Treasure Valley! We provide the best in hdtv antenna and converter box installation! No monthly fees or contracts and over 20 great local and high definition channels!
Standard HDTV Install Includes:

  • All Installation Labor
  • All Mounting Hardware
  • Grounded “Drop” Cable
  • Activate Existing Outlet
  • Connecting Peripheral Equipment
  • Program Tuners / TV’s

Start living the high definition lifestyle in Idaho today! Get great high def television in your home today! Get more info using the links below!

What channels come with Wireguys HDTV installation?

What is No Fee TV?

NO FEE HDTV in Idaho!

June 4, 2010 Leave a comment

You Need It Wired? You Need the Wireguys!

We provide no fee hdtv services for all of Idaho’s beautiful Treasure Valley, including Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Caldwell, Nampa, Kuna, Payette and more! Our Idaho HDTV installation and conversion services are fast, efficient, and affordable. Get Quality digital television programming without any fees or hassles – get it wired by the Wireguys and save!

Wireguys have been wiring Idaho since 1992 and are experts in HDTV conversion and installation. Our workmanship is covered for 20 years – that’s quality! Save yourself time and money, hire the guys that have been wiring Idaho for years – Wireguys, proudly serving you!

What Is NO FEE High Definition Digital TV ?

  • In 2009 all major off-air tv broadcasters switched to a High Def Digital broadcast only.
  • HDTV offers Perfect High Def Pictures – No “Fuzzy” signals.
  • Analog TV’s require a Digital Converter Box to receive digital TV.
  • Most Flat Screen Tv’s with a Digital ATSC Tuner don’t need a converter.
  • Switching to High Def DTV with Wireguys is easy and affordable!

It is our mission to provide our Idaho HDTV customers with NO FEE high definition tv in the Treasure Valley. One time installation is all it takes, no monthly charges or costly service sign on fees. Want the best HDTV in Idaho? Call Wireguys today!!

Boise and Idaho Apartment HDTV

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Live in a apartment in Boise? Own an apartment in  Idaho? Wireguys can help you get the best in Idaho High Definitiion Digital Television ! Talk to your landlord about adding a feature all their tenants can enjoy – or better yet, send them to us and we’ll talk to them for you!

Give us a call to get us your landlords contact info and we will get in touch with them to discuss the many great single unit or full complex solutions we can provide to get your entertainment on the fast track!

Other Apartment Options
Unless Wireguys can connect or install a exterior single unit, or master antenna network the only other option is an indoor antenna. Commonly referred to as “rabbit ears”, Wireguys stocks or can recommend the best antenna for your area/location. A $55 service call call get a Wireguy tech to setup your TV with our very best indoor antenna included!

Flat Screen TV Mounts by Wireguys

March 14, 2010 1 comment

Save your time and your drywall! Get that new flat screen install professionally by Wireguys! We have been installing wiring and televisions in Idaho since 1992 and know how to get the job done quick and done right!

(what’s more you won’t have to buy spackle to cover those holes in the walls from trying to do it yourself!)

Our Idaho Flat Screen Tv Mounting service is efficient and affordable! Doing it yourself by buying the mounts on your own might end up only be PART of the cost! Don’t try and hang that flat screen in Payette by yourself, straining your back, damaging your walls, or just wasting your already precious time! We can save you time and cost!

Call Wireguys today for the best Idaho Flat Screen TV Mounting and installation services around! Want more info? Visit our Idaho Flat Screen and HDTV Website at