Super Bowl Commercial 2012: Bigger Better Funnier

Everything is more awesome in 2012, and the Super Bowl commercial sets that millions have come to love are no different. Some avid fans say that they now look forward to the advertisements almost as much as the game; it’s not because they don’t know what will happen next — more and more it’s because they know what will. This years Super Bowl commercials will be a little more different as they display a trend of revisiting themes and characters from previous years successful campaigns.

idaho hdtvVW for instance has already released some previews of their upcoming commercial The Barkside , a hilarious spoof of the insanely popular Star Wars theme. Companies this year are sparing no expense as they’ve seen the marketing power of these type of ads spanning long after the Super Bowl itself through social media.

“Social media, the ability to tweet and Facebook, lets a commercial stay on so long after the Super Bowl, so advertisers are more willing to spend a phenomenal amount of bucks, because they live so much longer,” says Barbara Lippert, former Adweek ad critic and now curator of popular culture at ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “People are reading about them and looking at them up to a month later.”

The Question Is:
Will You Be Watching the BIG GAME in High Definition this year?

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