Flat Screen TV Mounts by Wireguys

Save your time and your drywall! Get that new flat screen install professionally by Wireguys! We have been installing wiring and televisions in Idaho since 1992 and know how to get the job done quick and done right!

(what’s more you won’t have to buy spackle to cover those holes in the walls from trying to do it yourself!)

Our Idaho Flat Screen Tv Mounting service is efficient and affordable! Doing it yourself by buying the mounts on your own might end up only be PART of the cost! Don’t try and hang that flat screen in Payette by yourself, straining your back, damaging your walls, or just wasting your already precious time! We can save you time and cost!

Call Wireguys today for the best Idaho Flat Screen TV Mounting and installation services around! Want more info? Visit our Idaho Flat Screen and HDTV Website at http://www.wireguys.com

  1. April 16, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks for providing Idaho with the best residential, business, and commercial wiring for nearly 20 years! I have been thoroughly impressed with all the exployees at Wireguys and with your extensive knowledge of HDTV installation in Idaho!

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